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Community resilience

According to the Social Science Humanitarian Action Platform"With an unstable and changing climate, emerging disease threats, and increased violent conflict, there is a need to review approaches to mitigating vulnerability and coping with crises. Vulnerability has been defined in different ways, but it generally means the socioeconomic factors (poverty, lack of education, etc.) that make a community or social group less able to cope with or manage stress, crisis, or shock. Community vulnerabilities and resilience are interconnected. Community resilience has long been used in disaster management and humanitarian response. A resilience framing resists the idea that communities are passive recipients of assistance or aid, and instead emphasizes their capacities and resources to prepare for and effectively respond to crises. It also proactively prevents and reduces drivers of shocks and systemic issues that drive vulnerability."

Following the shock and stress of the recent Covid19 pandemic, which many are still experiencing and recovering from, we witnessed the true value and significance of community resilience. The Coalition is dedicated to ensuring our members and stakeholders remain adaptive and proactive in the face of new and growing challenges. As threats, both physical and digital, continue to evolve at rapid speed, it is imperative that we reinforce our infrastructure to withstand whatever comes our way and ensure everyone benefits from those systems and protocols, particularly from a racial equity lens. 

Combating Climate Crisis

  • Extreme Heat & Heat Islands
  • Climate Gentrification
  • Sea Level Rising & Flooding
  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

    Bridging Digital Divide 

    • Access to High-speed Broadband
    • Digital Literacy
    • Cybersecurity
    • Career Readiness & Workforce Development

    Promoting Personal Wellness

    • Access to Medical Care
    • Food Security
    • Childcare & Education
    • Mental Health
    • Access to Public Greenspaces

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