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Capacity Building Institute: Small-Scale Developer Series

2023 Spring Cohort

We are now accepting applications for qualifying candidates to participate in the upcoming Spring cohort. Successful applicants will satisfy the following criteria: 

  • must be at least 18 years of age

  • must be an emerging developer with little to no experience in multifamily housing development 

  • must have demonstrated proof of one (1) of the following: 
      • site control of land within Miami-Dade County
      • $25,000 of capital on hand, OR 
      • ownership of real estate property within Miami-Dade County
  • preferably a minority demographic that is under-represented in the field (women and/or BIPOC)

Program Fee

The fee for this program covers the materials used throughout the series. Membership must be active as of at least 30 days prior to submitting the application to benefit from the member discount. The fee is only due after candidates have been selected and verified their qualifications prior to beginning the series. Participants who successfully complete the series will be offered a special discount code for membership applicable to the current or proceeding calendar year. 

Members: $175

Non-Members: $225

Application Process

Interested candidates may apply online using the Google Form accessible here. The deadline for applications is 11:59pm ET on December 9th, 2022. For more questions about the application process, please review the FAQs or contact us email at 

About SSDS 

We are delighted to relaunch this new and improved training program with a revamped and retooled series. Originally launched in 2018, this Community of Practice model is designed to foster an intimate experience where a cohort of 10-15 emerging practitioners can build a strong foundation in multifamily housing development in Miami-Dade County. With  a fully revamped and localized curriculum that is reviewed and tailored by local experts and thought leaders, the participants learn from seasoned professionals who have years of experience and subject-matter expertise through didactic instructional training. Not only does this foster better mentorship and guidance, but also allows participants to build meaningful relationships with established community development practitioners. 

Our custom curriculum not only  integrates best practices but also provides insights on how to navigate the local landscape to get their projects done.  We center a historical and racial equity lens to ensure the cohort is rooted in the context of why and how the housing crisis got to where we find ourselves today. We empower the emerging developers to also expand their civic engagement by addressing public policy and advocacy related to community development. Participants have an opportunity to go beyond the theoretical and get hands-on through each session using our templates, toolkits, and labs with realtime instructor and peer feedback.

Over the course of several consecutive weeks, we work hand-in-hand with the cohort to deepen their understanding, expand their network, and reinforce their passion to development assets and build communities. Following the completion of the training, we partner the participants with members of our cohort who can help offer additional technical assistance based on their project type and needs to ensure they have access to capital to bring their vision to fruition. We periodically have check-in cohort calls to reconvene our program alumni and see where they are with project execution as well as their professional development. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For additional questions or clarification please email us at

  • Is the program virtual or in-person?

It is hybrid. The majority of the sessions will be virtual via Zoom, however the Orientation (or session 1) and the Debrief (or final session) will be in-person to maximize cohort engagement and peer-to-peer networking. The details will be coordinated based on the cohorts availability and preferences. 

  • Are there any additional expenses or costs to participate in the program?

No. There is no additional fee or cost beyond the initial program fee that is due before the first session. Applicants will not have to submit fee until their application has been approved and their qualifications verified. The fee is non-refundable and payable online. 

  • Does the program guarantee access to capital for the development projects?

SFCDC is not a lender nor an investor, and therefore cannot guarantee access to capital. However we make every effort to connect our cohort participants with funding opportunities and additional technical assistance to pursue viable investments either through loans or grants. 

  • Is the program in English only? 

Our program was designed in English, but we are able to make special arrangements for language translation and/or ASL interpretation if needed for participants upon request. For more details, please contact us. 

  • Is the curriculum accredited? 

Presently our curriculum is not accredited nor backed by any formal institution or national association, though it is something we are working towards. In the meanwhile, our content is thoroughly reviewed by a panel of seasoned professionals for competency, caliber, and completeness. These evaluators includes but is not limited to experienced developers, academics, government administrators, and other subject-matter experts. 

  • Do participants earn a certificate at the conclusion of the program?

Yes, we do acknowledge successful completion of the program with a certificate of participation during the final session. 

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