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SFCDC is a policy advocacy coalition organizing collective action to advance comprehensive community development for social justice. We envision a South Florida region that is resilient, prosperous, and equitable for all communities. Our mission is to educate, equip, and empower the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to champion comprehensive development. Meeting the needs of underserved neighborhoods through a racial equity lens is central to our approach.

Our advocacy aims to collectively advance equitable policies and sustainable solutions as a unifying voice with a broadly shared agenda. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. We know that healthy communities are places that offer the resources and opportunities for residents to engage in creating safe, vibrant neighborhoods and partake in building wealth in the local economy. Therefore, we seek to foster inclusive community investments in historically marginalized neighborhoods to eliminate displacement and dismantle barriers to prosperity for good.

Our coalition defines comprehensive community development as collective action that produces and preserves stronger, better, and more resilient neighborhoods. This entails empowering civic leaders, activists, and residents to be fully engaged as advocates in the decision- and policy-making for their communities. Together, we can advance inclusive opportunities to address deeply interconnected issues and achieve quality of life for all residents.


Comprehensive community development is our strategy to promote deep and abiding local engagement that addresses a spectrum of interconnected issues regarding quality of life. It is designed to drive systemic interventions that improve the trajectory of vulnerable and low-income neighborhoods. We do this by organizing policy advocacy and capacity building for housing affordability, economic stability, and community resiliency.

South Florida Community Development Coalition, Inc.

300 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128
(786) 237-2125

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