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The South Florida Community Development Coalition (SFCDC) is an expansive member-led network of community and economic development practitioners serving low-income people and places in the Miami–Fort Lauderdale–West Palm Beach metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Our membership spans the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors working in diverse industries such as housing, finance, transit, climate, small business, and more. We believe community development is about ensuring quality of life and social justice for all. Our purpose is to engage, educate, and empower communities to collaborate on ideas, innovations, and investments. We are proud to facilitate as a strategic intermediary since 2007 fostering greater collective action for equitable prosperity and sustainable placemaking. 

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BB Americas Bank is a bank committed to excellence with social conscience, serving our diverse communities with innovative financial solutions. For more than 200 years Banco do Brasil S.A., BB Americas Bank’s sole shareholder, has offered high standard products and services to clients in Brazil and other 23 countries worldwide. In 2012, the bank expanded its model of quality and service to the U.S. market and BB Americas Bank was opened to deliver innovative solutions with personalized services in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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 We support practitioners by amplifying sustainable practices and equitable policies.


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