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Why Should You Become a Member?  

Our Coalition serves as a regional intermediary and is a unifying voice for community and economic development stakeholders. Through our established reputation and relationship with local municipality civic leaders, we are an advocacy powerhouse, representing our members and under-resourced residents of South Florida. There is power in numbers, and we're in the business of building power for the people to effect real change. As a valued member, your voice counts. We work towards developing deep and rich relationships and partnerships with our members to better understand their needs and goals and offer them a place to express those ideas and concerns among likeminded solution-oriented, results-driven advocates who are ready to do something about it through collective action. 

What Does it Mean to Be an Advocate?

Going from a community stakeholder to an active advocate means you are no longer interested in sitting on the sidelines watching issues plague our neighborhoods and communities--you are ready to do something about it. Advocates actively engage in multiple ways at multiple levels by participating in forums, committees, campaigns, research, trainings, and engagement events. We ensure advocates are in-the-know on all relevant policy matters from federal to municipal levels and firmly understand their impact and significance. We provides the training, resources, and tools to not only voice concerns publicly but to share and forge innovative and sustainable solutions that address them.

South Florida Community Development Coalition works to ensure that both the short-term and long-term needs of South Florida’s nearly 7 million residents are proactively addressed. Best practices in comprehensive community development is crucial to the livelihoods of vulnerable individuals, small businesses, communities of color, and the many community-based organizations that serve them.

SFCDC is optimally primed to deliver on its mission as its diverse and engaged membership ranges from nonprofit to for-profit developers, financial institutions, real estate professionals, community-based organizations, foundations, universities, and individual development practitioners. All members are advocates of community and economic development and represent a separate yet important sector within the ecosystem.

SFCDC and its advocates work to provide low- and moderate-income individuals, households, and neighborhoods with access to the tools necessary to build community wealth and to ensure that all neighborhoods are livable, safe, resilient, and economically vibrant. We work across sectors connecting resources and building relationships to understand best practices instrumental to comprehensive community development efforts in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties while facilitating the collaborative efforts and the framework necessary for more coordinated and impactful community development.  

South Florida Community Development Coalition

300 NW 12th Avenue

Miami, FL  33128

Office: (786) 237-2125


South Florida Community Development Coalition is a membership 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2007. © Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved.

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