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Coalition Committees

Members are welcome and encouraged to attend and serve on Board of Director committees. Committees must be chaired by at least one current Board Director but may be co-chaired by members interested in serving at a greater, more involved capacity. This is a great opportunity to learn more insight on our operations and planning while cultivating leadership development. Additionally, our Public Land for Public Good Miami initiative has several committees that are open to the public, and meeting details are posted on our webpage here


Chair: Sam Chesser

The Governance Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors to assume the primary responsibilities for ensuring that all board governance activities are functioning according to the Corporation’s bylaws and governance policies. The committee is responsible for developing and implementing all recruitment and retention policies concerning Board members and committee volunteers.

It is responsible for managing the nominating process for the election of Board Directors and Officers. It also evaluates the Board’s committee structure and policies to ensure it operates efficiently and is responsible for periodically updating the bylaws. The committee is also responsible for ensuring the corporation is managing its strategic plan and board development activities.

Membership & Programs 

Chairs: Valeria Perez & Charles Dabney

The Membership and Programs Committee is responsible for all membership-related issue that requires discussion, research, and recommendations for changes to the corporation’s membership business (such as a dues structure change, the addition of new member categories, etc.

The committee promotes the benefits of membership; works to enhance the value of membership; identifies issues important to members; evaluates current and potential products and services; investigates equitable dues structures and strategies for expanding the membership. Non-Board members are invited to serve on this committee from its membership. 

Finance & Fundraising

Chair: Charlene van Dijk

The Finance and Fundraising Committee is a standing committee with goals of raising funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of the coalition. This includes earned revenue, sponsorship, grant, and donation opportunities such as Give Miami Day. This Committee provides guidance, oversight, and support to all major forms of donor planning, development, management, and reporting. The Fundraising Committee Chair, Committee Members and the Executive Director will work together to determine committee needs.


  • Annual Awards

Policy & Advocacy

Chairs: Stephanye Johnson & Doug Mayer

The Policy and Program Committee is responsible for providing guidance and support to both the policies and programming needs of the corporation in serving its constituents. The committee is responsible for crafting and implementing a policy research and advocacy agenda which is voted on by members. It prioritizes engaging the membership for feedback and insights by coordinating roundtables on housing, economic development, and resilience. Non-Board members are invited to serve on this committee from its membership.

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