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Public Land for Public Good Miami 

SFCDC is proud to serve as the backbone for the Public Land for Public Good Miami initiative (PLPG). Originated in 2019, this collective has intervened on public land use and disposition throughout Miami-Dade County to ensure community engagement is centered in the process. Our virtual monthly members meeting is on the third Wednesday of every month at 9am. For more details please visit the website,, or contact To stay up to date with our latest movement work and community engagement, please subscribe below for periodic e-newsletters. 

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PLPG seeks to ensure proactive stewardship of public land use and disposition that centers on community. Promoting community engagement with local stakeholders through a transparent and accountable process that creates and preserves greater accessibility, sustainability, and equity. 


PLPG envisions a Miami-Dade County where public land benefits all residents, reflects the community’s will, and inspires harmony between environment and people.


Development on public land should:

  • Prioritize long-term public benefits over short-term speculative profits 

  • Center the needs of low and moderate-income communities, especially historically impacted neighborhoods

  • Promote walkable, transit-rich communities where everyone has easy access to jobs, green space, schools, grocery stores, and health care

  • Ensure local stakeholders have a right to remain in the communities they’ve built, and eliminate displacement 

  • Create deeply affordable housing to stabilize, diversify and enrich our communities 

  • Promote climate resilience, environmental sustainability and utility justice

To meet these goals, decisions around public land must:

  • Provide transparent, accessible and accountable legislative, administrative and community engagement processes

  • Be guided by a comprehensive strategy to ensure equitable access to public land

  • Empower community stakeholders, including low-income homeowners, renters, and small business owners, with decision-making roles in what happens in their neighborhoods 

  • Intentionally include local community organizations, businesses and institutions as partners in development, implementation and monitoring

  • Recognize the importance of adaptability and continue to shift as the environment shifts

2023 Steering Committee

The Allapattah Collaborative CDC

Catalyst Miami

Community Justice Project

Community Reinvestment Alliance of Florida

Miami Freedom Project

Miami Homes for All

Transit Alliance Miami

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